A podcast about dating dudes and eating foods...then reviewing the dude and the food!

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Two friends, Melinda & Clair, talk online dating in Austin, TX and review local eateries around town. Subscribe to the podcast to hear about a new date every month and fun chit chat minisodes in between.


The Idea

Imagine the scene...a classy affair. Wine, delightful acoustic music from a sassy British man, millennials chatting about aesthetics...and then BOOM!


The Episodes

Clair goes on a right swipe FRENZY and connects with a dude. Dude makes the plan to go on a date involving food. She attends the date. Then, Melinda comes over to Clair's place to gossip and they hit record.

The Minisodes

Clair and Melinda talk about weird dating and food trends. Why did iHOP step into the burger game? Heard of freckling? Orbiting? Gatsbying? They cover it all in a quick minisode.


Who are the voices in my ear?

Photography by @wittlesweetpotato. Follow her on Insta ;)


Mind if I Instagram you eating that spaghetti?

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