About Us

The Idea

Clair and Melinda were musing with Clair's mom and roommate over a glass of wine at Grape Creek Vineyards while listening to Clair's dad (local musician, Steve The Brit) play some baller 80's British pop.

Jokes were had about aesthetics, blog names, and it all began with a title for Clair's imaginary new Instagram account: Funky Dudes & Funky Foods. Jokes turned into encouragement and the idea morphed from an Instagram to blog to podcast. Two episodes per month and fun minisodes in between guarantee your laughter and possibly some tummy rumbles. 

Enjoy the conversation and bon appétit!

Photography by @wittlesweetpotato. Follow this queen on Insta ;)

Meet Melinda!

Producer & Podcast Extraordinaire

Fave Food: Hungarian Chicken Paprikas

Celeb Crush: Matthew Lewis


Meet Clair!

Professional Dater of Dudes & Eater of Foods

Fave Food: A solid pasta dish

Celeb Crush: Tie between Niall Horan and Rihanna